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Mission & Philosophy

At Teddy Bear Learning Center, we provide an environment that emphasizes learning through discovery.  We fill each day with activities, experiences, reading, and creativity to stimulate learning and individual growth. 

Our goals include:

Allowing children to reach their highest potential;

Building confidence and self-esteem;

Developing a life-long love of learning;

Respecting individuality;

Providing a consistent atmosphere for physical and emotional well-being;

Encouraging creativity and curiosity, and stimulating motivation;

Securing a safe and beautiful environment.

The large windows throughout the school provide children with a view of the park-like setting around the entire campus, allowing nature to become a part of the learning experience in the classroom, or just letting children enjoy the view of a new falling snow or birds playing at the feeder.

The outdoor activity area includes four individual school yards that provide ample space for large-motor development and social interaction for all age groups.





Teddy Bear Learning Center - Ruthann Laird, Owner-Director; Karen Phillipps, Owner-Director

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